Pre-appraised research

These websites publish critical appraisals of published research and other claims. If you have seen a claim in the media that you are interested in getting a second opinion on, these sources might help.

NHS Choices: Behind the Headlines
Behind the Headlines provides an unbiased and evidence-based analysis of health stories that make the news.

Full Fact
Full Fact is an independent organisation that investigates claims made by journalists and politicians. They cover a variety of topic areas, including health science.

Fact Check Central

Fact Check Central is a handy one-stop website from Sense about Science that collects data from different sources to provide a fact checking resource for the public on new and emerging claims in the media.

Royal Society of Edinburgh - Research the Headlines
Research the Headlines is an independent resource run by members of the Royal Society of Edinburgh to address the way that research is represented in the media. In each post the authors focus on a piece of research that has attracted media attention, and critically evaluate the research claims, helping readers to understand the strengths and limitations of the research, and what it might mean for them.